The work continues.

Trump is gone for the moment. The problems remain.

Yesterday was the end of a difficult era. For those of us who were Trump’s opponents, it was a moment of relief. And yet many were quick to express sentiments like this:

And they are correct.

Already, we are seeing McConnell return to his obstructionist methods.

Already, we see Ted Cruz, who supported overturning the results of a free and fair election, lobby ridiculous claims against the Biden Administration rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement.

Already, we see evangelicals trying to distance themselves from Trump broadly:

Already, the are trying to deny their culpability in the Capitol Siege:

Already, white evangelical leaders are making statements like this:

And anti-trans statements like this:

Already, the same dividing lines that have been primarily decided and delineated by conservatives are asserting themselves.

Already, we see conservatives wanting to return to “normal” after support for their president motivated a violent insurrection.

Already, we see white evangelicals have not taken anything to heart, or turned toward introspection:

The work continues. We must continue to hold those who enabled Trump, and those who built the foundations that Trump claimed as his own, accountable. We must continue to press on.