Powers & Principalities launches next week

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Hi, Post-Evangelical Post readers. I’ve been on vacation for most of this week, but wanted to drop a quick note to y’all that Powers & Principalities will be launching next week!

As I mentioned in the essay right here in PEP announcing the new series, the show will begin with an Episode 0 featuring Diana Butler Bass. While I had initially expected to trace a broad history of fundamentalism in America, we ended up talking about trauma and hurt pride, and how that may have motivated the actions of some fundamentalists. To that end, our conversation felt like a natural bridge connecting this series and Exvangelical.

(Btw, Diana Butler Bass also has a newsletter, The Cottage, also published here on Substack.)

I am excited to share these conversations with you. The election is already looking like it will be fraught: Trump has said he won’t accept the election results, and has admitted to stalling pandemic funding in order to sabotage mail-in voting. It remains critical that we shed light on the complicit nature of white evangelicalism in this administration. Evangelical alliance with Trump is not a political marriage made out of short-term political expediency, but rather a culmination of decades of effort entered into of their own free will.

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