A Timely Reminder About the Religious Right, in light of TX SB8

Abortion wasn't the animating force behind the formation of the Religious Right. It was segregation.

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Yesterday, the state of Texas banned abortion services after six-weeks.

With such a drastic ruling impacting over 50% of the population that experts are saying effectively overturns Roe v. Wade without requiring a SCOTUS ruling (but they did chime in overnight by refusing to overrule the TX law), now is a good time to remember that the formation of the modern Religious Right was not catalyzed by opposition to abortion, but rather by segregation:

This is not speculation. These are incontrovertible facts corroborated by multiple authors and researchers across the decades.

One of the best recent books about the topic is The Power Worshippers by Katherine Stewart:

Regarding the claim that the Religious Right was animated by pro-life concerns, Stewart does not mince words:

Her book is so vital to understanding the goals, strategies, and tactics of Christian nationalists in the US that I re-released our conversation from last fall today:

This conversation is part of season 1 of Powers & Principalities, which focused on Christian nationalism.

Please read her book & listen to this interview. It is of vital importance.

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I’ve been publishing primarily on Twitter about this, because things have been happening so fast.

Here’s a thread about some of the books that shifted my thinking on white evangelical politics:

Hang in there, everybody. There’s lots of work to do.