Two Thoughts: On bad tweets & "the creator economy"Here’s where my head is today. First, I saw this tweet from Tim Keller and added my own commentary. I elaborated on the tweet in the IG caption:
How the Bible's role in my life has changed from childhood to today.
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Wednesday Evening Subscriber Open ThreadThis is the open thread for paid supporters - how is everyone feeling in the lead-up to the holiday season? What are y’all reading or watching? …
(or, as always, whatever term you prefer for those who've left high-demand religions)
I recorded this episode with my fellow IMG podcaster, Bradley Onishi. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!
I'm writing a book!
On Democratic despair & myopia.Today’s political conversation will be dominated by analysis of the Youngkin win in Virginia. My gut reaction is that many Democratic voters and
It made us sad, too!
Monday Subscriber Thread, 10/25/21Good morning, everyone - what does everyone think of the throng of ‘respectable evangelical’ thinkpieces that came out recently? Here are the li…
A response to the CT article stating “The Church Needs Reformation, Not Deconstruction.”
Tuesday Thread: The ahistorical presentation of white evangelical ideas.Tuesday Threads are used to explore and discuss half-formed ideas. (Yes, I know how that sounds, but I can’t think of a better way to say it.) L…